The Industrial Development Corporation, in collaboration with the National Film and Video Foundation invites all eligible production companies to respond to the Call for Proposals for a 3D animation co-production project as detailed below:


Animation film production is a highly specialized and labour intensive sector of the film industry. The level of funding and/or financing required to produce animation feature films is difficult to source solely within South Africa. As such, necessary developments within this segment of the market are curtailed by the current financial constraints. South Africa has the potential to develop into a supplier of high quality animation feature films to the world. However the funding constraint has adversely dampened the potential for the local animation industry to grow to a globally competitive level.

The Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDC), in collaboration with the NFVF, has developed a strategy that would see South Africa producing 2-5 animation projects on an annual basis. The strategy is geared towards South Africa leveraging the financial and technical advantage afforded through co-production treaties with strategically relevant countries. The IDC and NFVF jointly embarked on a study tour of Australia and parts of Asia in September 2011, to identifypotential co-production partners. After successful negotiations, the IDC proposed that a pilot 3D animation project be jointly developed and co-produced betweenthree parties, as a precursor to a longer term relationship.

Two parties from Australia and Canada have been identified as co- production partners for the pilot project.The IDC, NFVF and the two co-production partners have alsoidentified a pilot 3D property that is currently in script development.

The NFVF and IDC therefore invite all interested individuals and/or production companies that conform to the stipulated criteria to respond to the call for a South African Co-producer.

Selection criteria

Criteria that will be taken into consideration when assessing applications include:
1. Criteria for Applicant
- Track record of company in producing animation feature films and/or television animation production
- Capability to produce 3D animation
- Capacity of company to develop and produce at accepted global standards.
- Quality of development strategy.
- Ability to work within tight deadlines
- Co-production experience
- Ability to think out of the box and be innovative in how to produce animation film
- Ability to co-ordinate and collaborate across co-production lines
- To have an open mind

Applicants are also requested, to attach a company executive summary, a showreel

Closing date: 15 February 2013

Applications must be submitted to Thandeka Zwana by the closing date.

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